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Research in 3D printing/ Additive Manufacturing

At the Faculty of Engineering at SDU 3D printing is an integrated technology within both research and education.

3D printing is a multipurpose technology including areas as rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing including both direct tooling and direct manufacturing. Each area calls for research within technology, materials/composites, design/modelling and business integration.

Thus 3D printing is integrated across all centers and sections at the Faculty of Engineering both through Direct research projects or Research projects applying 3D printing.

To support innovation and entrepreneurs at the Faculty of Engineering at SDU also offers 3D printing facilities through MakerSpace - Odense and Maker Lab – Kolding and (DEVLAB)

Research projects within 3D printing/Additive Manufacturing

Research projects applying 3D printing

Faculty of Engineering University of Southern Denmark

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Last Updated 20.11.2023