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3D Bioprinting


One of our key focus areas is bioprinting, where we apply 3D printing to tissue engineering. Here we use patient scanning data such as CT-scans to guide the 3D printing of cells, pharmaceuticals and tissue components to create patient-specific transplantation tissues.

We also use patient scanning data to print tissue phantoms that are realistic imitations of diseased tissues that surgeons can use to prepare, practice and teach surgical operations. We believe that 3D printing will be a critical component in future personalized medicine.

In the industrial/environmental area, we are using 3D printing to create habitat structures that support the grow of microorganisms, these we use to catch new and useful microorganisms for environmental restoration, sustainable agriculture and for hunting for new antibiotics. We also use microbially seeded 3D printings as heterogeneous biocatalysts for biotechnological production. We believe that 3D printing will be a key enabling method in future biotechnological applications.

Contact information:

Eva Arnspang Christensen
Morten Østergaard Andersen



SDU Biotechnology

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Last Updated 14.08.2023