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Ann-Mary Andersen is Colleague of the Year 2020

– I see no bees! What are all the people doing out here?

By Nina Bjørnskov, , 6/19/2020

Assistant at the Department of Biology, Ann-Mary Andersen, was confused when she was sent out in the yard on a Tuesday morning to chase swarming bees.

Ann-Mary and a handful of her colleagues were hurling honey in the cellar off SDU's new warehouse, and her colleagues stubbornly claimed that there were swarming bees at the gate – and Ann-Mary had to chase them away.

But the surprised assistant was met by an entirely different type of swarm as she stepped out into the morning sun, namely a swarm of colleagues from the Department of Biology, and Head of Department Gary Banta was ready to hand her flowers and a diploma for being Colleague of the Year 2020:

– Ann-Mary is part of the Service group at the Department of Biology, and this group fully lives up to the name. One must look very long for a higher level of service than the group – and especially Ann-Mary – provides, Gary Banta read aloud from the recommendation, while a puzzled Ann-Mary looked at her smiling colleagues, all keeping proper corona distance.

According to the recommendation, Ann-Mary Andersen receives the award as Colleague of the Year 2020 because her efforts and work approach mean that other employees can focus on solving their specific tasks and with better quality, because Ann-Mary firmly maintains a solid base.


Editing was completed: 19.06.2020