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About the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

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The researchers at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science are all highly specialized within their respective fields. Our scientists work to create knowledge about algorithms, discrete lattice field theory, optimization, computational mathematics, mathematical analysis, data analysis and statistics. We cooperate with other fields of research at the SDU and with researchers around the world about both pure and applied research. 


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The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science is also home to these research centres:

  • Centre for Quantum Mathematics (QM) is focused on the mathematical foundation of quantum phenomena covering both foundations and applications in quantum engineering.
  • The SDU eScience Center  is a single point of reference for research e-infrastructure and front-office support at SDU. Since 2015, the eScience Center has been a national provider for HPC in Denmark and now also has a coordinating role in the new consortia for DeiC HPC Type 1, Type 3 and Project 5 for national HPC facilities in Denmark.
  • Laboratory for STEM Education and Learning, where we develop further training and education for teachers in collaboration with regional partners.

At the Department of Mathematics & Computer Science we cooperate with researchers from all over the world, and many our have an international background.  See more about our research training programmes.


We also offer a variety of study programmes within Mathematics, Computer Science and Didactics. Learn more here.


Associate Professor Luís Cruz-Filipe is Study Leader at IMADA.

See short presentation of SDU IMADA (PDF)

Last Updated 09.08.2023