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SDU joins the Danish Hub for Cybersecurity in collaboration with the LEGO Group

New national initiative for cybersecurity becomes platform for tight collaborations between industry and universities.

The Danish Industry Foundation has funded a Danish Hub for Cybersecurity with 21 million DKK to bridge efforts by universities and companies on a national level. SDU has a seat as one of the founding partners and is represented by the head of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Martin Svensson. Together with one of their collaborators in the cybersecurity area – the LEGO Group - they are looking forward to being part of the project alongside several other universities and companies in Denmark.

“Cybersecurity is essential if we want to succeed as a digitally-connected society. We need it in the software and IT infrastructures that we use on all levels (personal, corporate, and public). Not investing seriously in cybersecurity would be one of the worst mistakes made in history. However, staying at the forefront of cybersecurity is tricky as it is like an ever-changing landscape. Whenever a new IT system is made, new vulnerabilities might appear. And whenever a new vulnerability is discovered, all IT systems must be patched as soon as possible to avoid being compromised. The only constant is the need to react quickly and to share information among practitioners,” says Fabrizio Montesi, SDU’s scientific coordinator for the CyberHub and Head of the Digital Innovation Office at SDU.

Henrik Lei, CISO, Business Infrastructure and Security at the LEGO Group continues:

“Creating digital ecosystems of technology suitable for kids requires a relentless focus on security and privacy. The LEGO Group continues to become more data driven, which combined with the many communication channels with kids brings huge responsibility in protecting data and insight from possible cyber-attacks. To continuously live up to this responsibility it is essential to work together with expertise networks, collaborating on best practices and co-creating research on how to diminish cyber threats. Collaboration with universities and the national Cybersecurity Hub might just be such a place where mutual learning, research and talent meet – providing a profound starting point for advancing Danish cybersecurity collaboration.
This collaboration is one of the ways to increase the focus on cyber risks which everyday become more advanced and creative in the new ways of attacking companies and institutions. All in all, LEGO see this new collaboration to increase our focus to attract and work together with the brightest talents on the topic of Cybersecurity in Denmark.”

Fabrizio Montesi concludes that the Danish Cybersecurity Hub is a big step in the right direction:

“We're excited to be one of the founding partners in a national effort to share knowledge and disseminate methods for the adoption of cybersecurity measures. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Southern Denmark has already made an impact on cybersecurity and is looking forward to forming a tight collaboration with other universities and companies. Ultimately, this will bridge our students and the various companies and organizations that collaborate with us to a wider knowledge platform on cybersecurity, with the shared mission of a safer future.”

For further information, please contact:

Fabrizio Montesi, SDU scientific coordinator for the CyberHub and Head of the Digital Innovation Office at SDU, and Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (IMADA).
Phone: +45 6550 7171

Martin Svensson Head of Department, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science 
Phone: +45 6550 2389

Press officer Jonas Søndergård, the LEGO Group
Phone: +45 5215 9911

To read more about the New Danish Hub for Cybersecurity follow the link:

Editing was completed: 24.09.2019