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Companies want to learn more about algorithms and efficiency

Professor Rolf Fagerberg holds a one-day course for Hesehus

Hesehus is an award-winning Odense-based IT company, specializing in e-commerce, so when CTO Martin Ehmsen expressed interest in a course on algorithms and efficiency for selected employees, the idea development was initiated by Professors Kim Skak Larsen and Rolf Fagerberg - both from IMADA's algorithms group.
"In the IT-world, the topics of algorithms and efficiency represent core competences with lasting value and relevance", says Rolf Fagerberg.  It's topics he also teaches at the university, and he continues: "A course like this is a good and meaningful form of interaction between universities and companies", which was confirmed by the evaluation from the participants.
Hesehus has more than 120 employees and has repeatedly been honored in connection with the e-Commerce Prize, Børsen Gazelle, and with Great Place to Work.
Other companies can also benefit from expertise at IMADA through SDU's Digital Innovation Office.
Editing was completed: 11.11.2019