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Teaching evaluations with external experts

The university’s programmes shall conduct a regular (at least every six years) evaluation of the programme together with external actors/experts as part of the University of Southern Denmark's quality policy (1).

The intention is to achieve the following at regular intervals:

  • Contribute constructively to the considerations of the programme’s management in relation to educational quality and development – both in general and regarding specific issues.
  • Get a critical external look at the programme or parts of the programme which may be a challenge to the institution’s internal perceptions and extend beyond specific interests that e.g. advisory boards may have in the graduates on the programme.

An evaluation process typically takes half a year and involves programme evaluation, the faculty and an expert committee appointed for the occasion. The results of these evaluations are discussed internally by the programme’s education committee, as well as at annual status reviews between programme, department and faculty management.

(1) Sub-policy for Planning and Development of Programmes and Teaching and Learning (indicator and the university’s Principles for evaluation of entire programmes with the involvement of external experts.


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Last Updated 14.08.2023