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A distinguished finish

The other day 90 graduates marked the conclusion of five years’ study at the University of Southern Denmark.

In best American style, the graduating candidates at Sønderborg flung their mortar boards heavenwards in celebration. 

Five years of education were successfully concluded and titles including MA and MSc bestowed. This was enjoyed in festive style as each candidate received their own mortar board for graduation. 

We are an international university

- Many of our students come here from abroad and we like to emphasise that we are an international university, says Karina Madsen Skellgaard, graduation coordinator at Sønderborg. 

- It’s a fine way to conclude an education. 

It is quite common for Danes to receive a cap on graduating from high school, but there have never been a tradition of giving mortar boards to university graduates.

A new tradition is born

Karina Madsen Skellgaard and her colleagues have taken their lead from the American tradition of cap and gown. 

- It's not new that we give our graduates a little gift on completion of their studies, the coordinator explained.

We’ve decided that this will not be the last time, because it’s such a fine way to celebrate a graduation. We intend to make it a tradition. 


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Editing was completed: 06.07.2016