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Sustainable Development Goals at SDU Robotics

Goal #3: Securing a healthy life for all and promote the well-being for all age groups

By replacing unhealthy human work with robots, we increase a healthy life. In the medical area, by providing an online learning platform for grading medical images, we can give access to training and development material to medical workforce in areas without the same access. In relation to Covid19, we help save lives in Denmark and throughout the world by reducing the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 by:

i) developing a robot for taking throat swaps and
ii)  by facilitating better hand sanitization in public spaces using socially interactive hand disinfection devices.


Goal #8: Promote persistent, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment along with decent jobs for all

We study robot technologies that will facilitate the reduction of dirty, dull and dangerous operations carried out by humans and by this allow for moving societies towards decent work for everyone while maintaining sustainable economies. In particular, collaborative robots will enable also unskilled workers to find acceptance in highly automated environments. Statistical studies show that robots create new jobs, and hence (in contrary to what many believe) contribute to employment.


Goal #9: Building robust infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and support innovation

By providing digitally supported robotic services, we offer new possibilities for innovation in general. As the services can be made globally available, we can also support industrial development on a global scale. 

Last Updated 14.12.2020