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Research Projects


The aim is to progress implementation and innovation results created in the ECOPRODIGI project further with the purpose of achieving stretch targets for eco-efficiency set within the ECOPRODIGI project. 

Topology Optimisation Transfer
Topology optimisation (TO) is a simulation-based design approach that gives the user the ultimate design freedom. Based on advanced simulations and the use of large scale computing, geometries can be generated with high performance and material savings, often based on non-intuitive design features that are automatically spawned.

AM-assisted investment casting of complex heat sink geometries
This project explores the use of additive manufacturing (AM) for the investment casting of complex heat sink geometries. 
Advanced simulation-based design optimisation methods are used to generate novel and high-performing heat sink geometries for electronics cooling applications applying  additive manufacturing to produce complex geometries.

Reliables Offshore 
The aim of this project is to determine the remaining service life or the optimal point of time for maintenance of offshore structures based on Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). On top of that it aims for finding answers to questions about the safe and efficient operation of existing constructs beyond their nominal service time. The project partners are  FH Kiel, SDU and FuE and funded by Interreg Deutchland-Danmark.

Robust Identification of Modal Parameters of Nonlinear and Time Variant Systems
Oil and gas platforms are not linear and they are timevariable, therefore , traditional methods for determination of dynamic parametres are less useful. Consequently,  in this project we deveop methods that can better handle the unlinear and timevariable vibrations in platforms . These methods will later be used i analyses of the lifetime of the platforms.

Compact mixer with low thermal mass

The overall project idea is to develop a compact mixer to be included in exhaust systems. The goal is to fulfil the future emission standards by minimizing the component´s thermal mass and by optimizing the fluid dynamics.

The overall project idea is to develop a new HVAC system by integrating a PCM based energy storage module (Climate module). 
under the  EUDP program – Next generation ventilation 

Vibration and damping in large containerships
In this project we study the new large container ships of more than 21,000 TEU and try to understand the vibration nodes that occur in different kinds of weather and operation conditions. The data is important to understand the forces that places strain on as well the ships as the containers on these.

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