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Understanding and optimising fluidic oscillators

Fluidic oscillators are a type of fluidic device, or nozzle, that generates an oscillating flow from a constant inflow purely based on the geometry. We seek to increase our understanding of how geometric parameters influence the performance of fluidic oscillators through simulations and experiments. The performance is measured based on the frequency and amplitude of the oscillations, as well as the pressure drop and spread of the jet.
Simulations are used to create a library of data for a large array of geometric parameter values. This allows us to get an overview of the performance. But before concluding anything, we will use experiments to validate our simulation model using equipment sponsored by the Fabrikant Mads Clausen Foundation. This will be done by producing fluidic oscillators in a transparent polymer using a resin 3D printer. We will measure the internal flow structures using milli-PIV. 
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Last Updated 11.11.2022