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Fluid Mechanics

The focus of the research in Fluid Mechanics is to contribute to the improvement of environmental issues by e.g., reducing pesticide usage, reduction of air pollution, impact of energy etc.

The key contributions are within aerodynamics, turbulence, boundary layer theory, heat transfer, phase change, liquid atomization, transport of solid particles and liquid droplets, drop impact on surfaces and aerodynamic drag on particles and surfaces. 


Research is focused on drone aerodynamics, aerofoil performance and flow in heat exchangers and includes:
Fundamental studies of the physics of aerodynamics
Experimental analysis of air flow distribution by use of Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA)
CFD simulation of aerodynamics

Atomization and Sprays

Through study of the interaction between droplets and air, more accurate knowledge about droplet transport is achieved. This knowledge enables optimisation of spray functionality and thereby also to the optimized design of sprayer nozzles. The research includes:
Fundamental studies of the physics of droplet generation
Aerodynamic forces on deformable droplets during the breakup process and the transport of droplet and sprays 
Studies of liquid deposition as a function of the characteristics of the fluid and the surface
CFD simulation of spray formation and transport in ambient air conditions and in heated gas flow
Experimental work includes e.g. measurement of droplet size and velocity by use of Phase Doppler Analyzer (PDA), study of droplet shape and morphology by use of shadowgraph imaging technique, aerodynamic studies of droplet transport in wind tunnel and hydrodynamic investigations in test rigs with use of Particle image Velocimetry (PIV) measurement equipment
The research is often conducted in interdisciplinary teams and in collaboration with companies.  

Research Programs for Graduate Exchange Students

As a graduate exchange student at the Faculty of Engineering you can join the research programs in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
Graduate Research Program for Exchange students

PhD projects in Fluid Mechanics (Completed)

Analysis of Heated Urea-water Solution Droplets for Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems
Analysis and Design Optimization of Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage System based on Phase Change Material Climate Modules.

Projects related to Fluid Mechanics

Development of an SCR system integrating a novel reductant delivery system
Single Plant Pesticide Application
NeGeV (Completed)
Compact mixer with low thermal mass (Completed)
ECO drone (Completed)
The Intelligent Sprayer Boom (Completed)


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