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ECO drone

Drone Technology will spread Ladybugs instead of Pesticides


Danish political ambitions are to double the ecological market in Denmark in the period 2007 to 2020 and reduce the use of pesticides by 40%. The great challenge of ecology is to fight pests without using chemical agents. EcoDrone will solve this problem!

Project Goal

Develop an EcoDrone to reduce the use of pesticides in agriculture, forestry and horticulture. EcoDrone will observe, carry and spread natural organisms such as ladybugs, gall midges, bacteria and fungus over targeted crop areas to fight the pests.

Future Perspective

EcoDrone will ensure effi cient ecological production and reduce the crop’s loss of value due to insects. The EcoDrone project is expected to reduce Danish farming’s use of insecticides by 3.4%. EcoDrone project can expand to other types of crops and markets with even greater effects. The EcoDrone can lower the price of ecological products to the benefit of consumers and the environment.

EcoDrone Details

• Remote-controlled intelligent fl ying robot
• Multi-rotor platform with 6-8 propellers
• Container for dry medium organisms
• Spreading tool
• Weight: 5-7 kg at take-off
• Sensors for wind and altitude
• Camera

Contacts Department of Technology and Innovation

Ivar Lund and Niels Lennart Ohlsen


FACTS about the project

Project period: 01.01.2016 – 31.12.2017
Budget: 8,356,126 DKK
Funding: Green Development and Demonstration Programme (GUDP)
Project partners: University of Southern Denmark, Aarhus University, EWH BioProduction and Ecobotix
Other partners: Bakkegården, Gartneriet, PKM, Gram og Nybøl Godser, Harndrup Skov og Frugtplantage, Hunsballe, PS Trading, Svishave Frugtplantage, Danske Maskinstationer & Entreprenører

Contact information:
Head of SDU UAS Center Brad Beach
Phone: +45 6550 9523

Last Updated 21.02.2022