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Research Areas

Structural Dynamics   
Research in  structuraldynamics  include mathematical modelling, condition monitorering,structural health monitoring  and modal analysis of  supporting structures in e.g. windmills and offshore constructions.

Research in  topology optimization is focused on optimzation of cooling og electronic components and metal casting processes. 

Research in fluid mechanics is focused  on experimental and numeric fluid mechanics (CFD) within environmental improvement  such as reduced use of pesticides and in catalysts for  diesel engines. 

 Materials Technology 
Research in the field of  materials technology is focused on  design and simulation of smart materials,  and on new ways  and methods to produce
composite materials. 

Maritime Technology
Research in Maritime Technology is focused on sustainable opertion of vessels and naval constructions with particular focus on energy efficiency, vibartion and fatigue.

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Last Updated 29.01.2021