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Research Areas

Structural Dynamics 

The research in structural dynamics (SD) includes mathematical modelling and experimental validation of models, condition monitoring (CM), and structural health monitoring (SHM), applied to, for example, wind turbine generators and offshore constructions. Recently we have also incorporated vibroacoustics as a central research topic. Within acoustics the objectives are both to expand current numerical models to handle topics such as modelling visco-thermal losses in small devices and to employ the current models for problems faced in industry – focused on strengthening collaboration with local industry. The research also aim to improve the performance of vibrating micro-structures in some applications such as Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS).

Fatigue and fracture   
Research in metal fatigue and fracture includes mathematical modelling and experimental examination of fatigue exposed structures and components. Central research topics are multiaxial fatigue, non-proportional fatigue and fatigue life of welded structures with weld improvements. Within these topics, the main objectives are to develop new or modify existing approaches for handling the case of non-proportionality and to model approaches for taking into account the stochastic variations occurring in steel structures.   

Multiphysics Simulation and Optimisation
Research in multiphysics simulation and optimisation is focused on topology optimisation and efficient simulation methods for multiphysics problems, such as electronics cooling, millifluidics, casting and welding.
The research in Fluid Mechanics is built on theoretical, numerical and experimental analysis with focus on innovative applications for environmental improvement.

Materials Technology 
Research in the field of  materials technology is focused on  design and simulation of smart materials,  and on new ways  and methods to produce composite materials. 

Maritime Technology
Research in Maritime Technology is focused on sustainable operation of vessels and offshore constructions with particular focus on energy efficiency, vibration and fatigue.

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