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Internship Programme of Civil and Architectural Engineering

The FACETS_LAB Facade Design and Engineering research group explores interlinking domains of facade design and engineering through augmented data-driven computational processes to drive transition towards sustainable, cost-optimal, resource-efficient Zero-Energy Buildings and communities. Furthermore, the research group investigates facades 4.0 design processes and performance simulation of adaptive facades from a human-centred design perspective and uses human-facade interaction as a basis for creating adaptive and personalised indoor environments for improving human-comfort, experience and wellbeing.

Internship Responsibilities

Depending on the interests and qualifications of the applicant, and on the current activities and priorities of FACETS_LAB, tailor-made internship programme and activities will be agreed with the successful applicants.

Current Priority Topics for the Internship

  • Adaptive Facades Design (Smart Glass, Kinetic Shading Systems, LED Systems);
  • Solar Design and Zero-Energy Buildings (Daylighting, Energy Generation from Building Integrated-Photovoltaics, Whole Building Energy);
  • Facade Information Modelling (Artificial Intelligence Methods for Predictive Control and Optimal Behavior of Adaptive Facades and Buildings);
  • Facades Virtual Prototyping (Physically-Based Visualization for Immersive Environments);
  • Collaborative Facades (Human-Centered Façade Design and Operation).

Submission and Enquiries

To submit applications and for enquiries about internships in Facade Design and Engineering please address Assistant Professor Nebojša Jakica:

For enquiries use “Internship Enquiries” as the subject line. For applications use “Internship Application” as the subject line.

Please carefully follow the application procedure as listed here.

Facade Design and Engineering at SDU

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Last Updated 08.10.2020