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Facade Design and Engineering

Facade Design and Engineering is a research area in the section of Civil and Architectural engineering. Research in this area is coordinated by Assistant Professor Nebojša Jakica and explores the connected domains of facade design and engineering. The research is clustered within the context of Facade, Architectural Computation, Engineering, Technology, and Systems (FACETS).

The research is focused on the transition towards sustainable, cost-optimal, and resource-efficient buildings, employing data-driven computational processes. A special interest area is the design and performance of adaptive facades, seen from a human-centred design perspective. Human-facade interaction serves as a basis for creating adaptive and personalised indoor environments that improve human-comfort, experience and well-being.

Research in Facade Design and Engineering includes adaptive facade design (smart glass, kinetic shading systems, led systems), solar design and Zero-Energy Buildings (daylighting, energy generation from building integrated-photovoltaics, whole building energy), facade information modelling (artificial intelligence methods for predictive control and optimal behavior of adaptive facades and buildings), facade virtual prototyping (Physically-Based Visualization for Immersive Environments), and collaborative facades (Human-Centered Façade Design and Operation).


Nebojša Jakica
tel. +45 9350 7537

Last Updated 03.12.2020