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HRH The Crown Prince officially launched HCØ2020 celebrations

With the push of a button, patron for HCØ2020 HRH The Crown Prince launched an electromagnetic rocket and thus officially started the HCØ 2020 celebrations.

2020 is the 200th anniversary of Hans Christian Ørsted’s discovery of electromagnetism, and on Friday the patron for HCØ2020, HRH Crown Prince Frederik, officially started the HCØ2020 celebrations. The event was marked by launching an electromagnetic rocket – in the spirit of Hans Christian Ørsted.

HRH The Crown Prince also visited several exhibition stands at the opening event, among others a stand about research and the partnership between SDU and Danfoss Silicon Powers and a stand about entrepreneurship and innovation with a student startup from SDU. Here, Head of Centre at CIE, Thomas Ebel, had the opportunity to meet HRH The Crown Prince and tell him about the collaboration between SDU and Danfoss.

View pictures from the visit here:





The official opening was the culmination of an opening week which has shown the width of the HCØ2020 project. The aim of the project is, through a myriad of educational activities, to teach Danes more about Hans Christian Ørsted, electromagnetism and the importance of scientific curiosity.



In 1820, Hans Christian Ørsted discovered the connection between electricity and magnetism. The conversion between electric and mechanical energy continues to be of major importance, especially in the change of energy sources that is necessary to secure a sustainable future.

In 2020, Denmark celebrates the 200th anniversary of Ørsted’s discovery of electromagnetism. The celebrations include the ambitious and nation-wide educational initiative HCØ2020.

Editing was completed: 31.01.2020