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Master’s study for PhD students in a 4+4 programme

  • Find and read your master’s thesis course description (45 ECTS) here (the department mentioned in your enrollment letter).
  • For registration to the above mentioned master's thesis course and other courses, please contact Educational Law & Registration at  SPOC. It is a good idea to mention, that the registration is due to your enrollment as 4+4 PhD student.
  • As soon as you are registered correct, please make the master’s thesis contract. See more here.
  • You are also welcome to contact your Programme Coordinator for questions regarding the master’s study.

The master’s study must be completed according to the rules governed by the study board of the faculty. Please see the rules regarding this in the General Curriculum for the master’s study.

Admission to the PhD programme is given on the basis of a completed master's programme. It is therefore not allowed to use material from the master's thesis in the PhD thesis. At the Faculty of Engineering, a master's thesis, at best, can be viewed as a preliminary study to the PhD project and can only be used in the PhD thesis as a source of reference.

Before the end of the fourth semester, i.e. before the end of the second year of the PhD study,  a 4+4 PhD student must pass the master's examination. The student’s principal supervisor shall organize the course of study so that the student’s PhD studies are not delayed.

Passing the master’s examination entitles the student to earn the title of Master of Engineering and to continue their PhD programme, if the grade criterion for admission is fulfilled. After the master's degree has been awarded the student must submit a copy of the master's diploma, including transcript to the PhD school and the department secretary.

Ask TEK Education regarding subjects on this webpage

Regarding the handing in and examination of the master’s thesis, please contact:

Regarding employment after the master’s degree, please contact the Department PhD Contact Person

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Last Updated 14.08.2023