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Efficiency and techno-economic analysis of the EU tomato supply chain

Alberto Zicari 

Master Thesis - Environmental Engineering - 2019

The target of this thesis is to explore the EU tomato supply chain with all its implications:

  • How does this chain appear?
  • What are the main stages?
  • How do they work and how are they connected together?
  • What is the role of the trade inside and outside the EU?
  • What are the environmental and socioeconomic consequences of food waste?
  • Is it possible to optimize the chain reducing the food waste and the inequalities?
  • What are the possible scenarios?
  • What is waiting for us in the nearly future?

In this Master Thesis, it has been tried to quantify the economic cost of all the food waste which is related to tomato and tomato-based processed products. The social situation of the tomato industry has been explored as well with a particular attention on the Italian issue of “caporalato”.

This thesis can be the basis for a wider study about all the food industry both in the EU and outside.

Master Thesis