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Heating solutions for oil villages

© Google Maps 2018, modified by Jesper Fischer Nielsen & Johan Meinhard Johannesen

Jesper Fischer Nielsen and Johan Meinhard Johannesen

Master thesis – Energy Technology - 2018

The overall goal of this project has been to come up with a cost optimal heating solution for oil villages in Denmark.

To find the cost optimal heating solution for oil villages in Denmark, the oil village Åbyskov located in Svendborg municipality on Funen has been chosen as a base for testing out different scenarios using the simulation tool EnergyPRO.

The results showed that the individual air to water heat pumps were superior to the alternative technologies in question. The air to water heat pump was superior both in terms of socioeconomic perspectives as well as private economic perspectives.

Collaborating partners
- Svendborg kommune
- Energi Fyn

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