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Jasmin Mecinovic


Phone: +45 6550 3603
Webpage: mecinovic-group

Chemistry is a central part of the natural sciences that describe life at a molecular level. Discoveries within chemistry can change our world, and to solve many of the modern world's problems, the society is dependent on the strong properties of chemistry. The medical chemistry is constantly evolving and can improve the quality of life with new medications for treating various diseases.

My group's research focuses on applying chemical principles and techniques to better understand the molecular origin of the fundamental biomolecular processes that play an essential part in human health. Our experiments combine chemistry, biochemistry, and biophysics to form a picture of molecular processes in living organisms. The chemical basis for the processes controlling the activity of human genes is investigated via epigenetic processes on histone proteins and DNA. Building on basic knowledge of histone modifications, the group develops a new generation of biomedical inhibitors within epigenetic enzymes. In cooperation with the pharmaceutical industry, we examine the therapeutic potential of epigenetic inhibitors from our trials to treat cancer.