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A Healthier Southern Denmark – High Schools

In January 2025, the Region of Southern Denmark and SDU will arrange the fourth round of a Healthier Southern Denmark.

A panel of high school students will be connected to the project, in which the high school students will participate as ’the voice of the youth’ from November 2024 until the end of the project in January 2025.
Thereby, the researchers from ‘A Healthier Southern Denmark’ will get a little help from the high school students who will provide their ideas on how to communicate the research projects, making the students active citizens.

The project's background is that research within health is supposed to be of value for both citizens and public health in general. Involvement of citizens in health is therefore the core of the ‘A Healthier Southern Denmark’ project.

The high school project is primarily for second-year social studies classes, but first-year and third-year high school classes are welcome to participate.
The participating teachers will be invited to take part in the development of the learning material. Furthermore, the teachers will get an invitation to an introductory course: a Master Class in week 46.

During the project, the students will collect data and engage in citizen involvement.
Furthermore, the students will interview the five researchers. At the final event, the students have created a conference poster and prepared a pitch. To qualify for the final, the students must complete six modules (60-90 minutes each), which they gain access to via an online learning platform. On the learning platform, they will find videos, texts, and dilemmas that provide the students with the necessary background knowledge. The subjects are, among others, health inequalities, citizen science as a social science method, and fake news.

Preliminary outline of the project: 

Weeks 2024/25


Week 46

MasterClass for the teachers

Week 47-50

Course – modules held at the high schools

Week 2-4

Poster competition for three classes

Week 3 or 4

Visit at TV2/Fyn in Odense and TV/Syd Kolding

Week 3

Research day with the AHSD25 researchers

Week 4

Final for AHSD High School Panel25 in Odense

In 2019, three high school classes from Tornbjerg and Grindsted participated in the project.
In 2022, nine high school classes from Grindsted, Kolding, Aabenraa, Søndersø (Nordfyns), Odense (Tornbjerg), and Glamsbjerg (Det Blå Gymnasium/Vestfyns) participated in the project.
In 2023, four high school classes from Rødkilde Gymnasium, Odense Tekniske Gymnasium, and Tornbjerg Gymnasium participated in the project.

Media coverage:

If you want to enter the project with a high school class, or if you wish to know more about the project, contact project manager Berit Elisabeth Alving,
Deadline June 28th, 2024.


Prospect – A Healthier Southern Denmark and Citizen Science

A high school project in 2024-25

SDU and The Region of Southern Denmark invite high schools in the region to participate in a high school project on Citizen Science.


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