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New report

New report: Culture is not just for big cities

In a new report, Pia Heike Johansen and Morten Frølund uncover cultural consumption and cultural activities in three regions.

By Camilla Wissing Mortensen, , 6/25/2021

Art and culture are part of city life.

This is one of the general assumptions when it comes to rural areas. As a result, many people often think that cultural activities and events are concentrated in the larger cities.

However, this is far from the case, concludes a new report by rural researchers Pia Heike Johansen and Morten Frølund. 

"A large proportion of all rural district projects contain an element of cultural activities. And we can see that when it comes to cultural activities in the rural areas, there is a wide range. It's everything from concerts and film screenings to visual art exhibitions and design markets," says Pia Heike Johansen.

In the report, the two researchers focus on the cultural offerings and cultural consumption in the North Denmark Region, Central Denmark Region and Region of Southern Denmark, where they also point out the similarities and differences between the regions.

You can read the report via this link (Danish) (As the file is quite large, it may take some time to download. If you experience problems, please write to: and we will send you a folder by email)


Meet the researchers

Pia Heike Johansen is an associate professor and rural researcher. She researches rural-urban relations with a focus on landscape and business and cultural life. Pia is, among other things, head of a Realdania project on Quality of Life in everyday life.

Morten Frølund is a PhD student and researches cultural collages that are formed through different social and sensory practices around landscape-based art in rural areas.

About the report

  • Cultural consumption is examined as the arts and cultural activities that the population indicates that they participate in, while cultural offering is examined in three forms: 1) the arts and cultural activities that are offered, 2) the places where they are offered and 3) the actors that offer them. 

  • The study period is 2019 for both cultural consumption and cultural offerings and operates with three geographical units: Regions, municipalities and postcodes.

  • The number of cultural events is calculated both overall and within selected genres.
Editing was completed: 25.06.2021