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Rural place branding – how are the top-down and bottom-up processes balanced?

The project will, among other things, clarify which actors are involved in the branding process, and which processes takeplace. Are the rural place branding processes top-down or bottom-up? Which roles do the different actors play, what are their motivations to be involved, what do they get out of the collaboration, and which challenges are there for them in the process? Which audiences do the rural places try to target with their branding? How much are the residents involved in the process? Or, are they one of the target groups? Or are they completely forgotten?

11 rural places of different sizes and administrative powers are involved in the first, qualitative part of the project.

The second part, which will be quantitative, will look at the evidence for different factors that have influence on people’s attachment, loyalty and their word-of-mouth for the place brand.

The whole project began in 2018 and is expected to be finished in 2021.

Contact person: PhD student Barbora Gulisova,