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Current Ph.D projects

Ulrik Havshøj,
Supervisor: Anne Brøchner
Supervisor: Søren Mikkelsen
Termination of resuscitation in a psycician-manned prehospital emergency system

Simon Mølstrøm,
Supervisor: Palle Toft
Bedside monitoring of cerebral energy state during the peri-cardiac arrest period - Blood pressure targets in post resuscitation care.

Jimmy Højberg Holm,
Supervisor: Palle Toft
Supplementary epidural analgesia in video-assisted thoracic surgery (SEAVATS)

Rasmus Peter Jakobsen,
Supervisor: Palle Toft
Hamorrhagisk shock og cerebral funktion

Ulla Lei Larsen,
Supervisor: Palle Toft
Mortalitet, kardio-pulmonal morbiditet og livskvalitet hos børn med kongenit diafragmahernie behandlet på børneintensiv afdeling, OUH i perioden 1998-2015.

Lotte Abildgren, cand.cur.
Supervisor: Lise Hounsgaard
Supervisor: Palle Toft 
SimLEARN: Reducing adverse events through transfer of non-technical skills

Karin Bruun Plesner,
Supervisor: Palle Toft
Fibromyalgia, diagnosis, classification and treatment in a tertiary pain clinic

Louise Houlberg
Supervisor: Søren Mikkelsen
Identification and early treatment of critically ill patients by prehospital measurement of blood lactate

Louise Milling,
Supervisor: Søren Mikkelsen
Decision Making in Cardiac Arrest: The Ethics of Resuscitation

Completed Ph.D project

Eva Lærkner, cand.cur.  
Co-supervisor: Professor, Palle Toft   
Conscious critically ill patients on ventilators in a high technological environment

Yulia Boyko, MD 
Supervisor: Palle Toft 
Sleep disturbances in critically ill patients in ICU: how much do we know

Helene Korvenius Nedergaard, MD 
Supervisor: Palle Toft 
Non-sedation versus a daily wake-up trial in critically ill patient

Hanne Tanghus Olsen, MD
Supervisor: Palle toft
Non-sedation versus a daily wake-up trial in critically ill patient

Nicola Groes Clausen, MD 
Supervisor: Tom G. Hansen 
Long Term outcome in children exposed to general anaesthesia and surgery as neonates and infants: a Danish follow-up study.

Søren Mikkelsen, MD
Supervisor: Annmarie T. Lassen
Co-supervisor: Palle Toft
Physician administered pre-hospital emergency care  

Morten Rune Eckhardt, MD
Supervisor: Palle Toft
From acute to chronic postoperative pain: the significance of referred pain 

Dorthe Hasfeldt-Hansen,  cand.cur.
Co-supervisor: Professor, Palle Toft
Noise in the operating room and patients’ sense of coherence

Sian Robinson,  MD
Supervisor: Palle Toft
Thromboprophylaxis in Critically Ill Patients

Henrik Bjarke Vægter, Physical Therapist, MSc Pain Management
Co-supervisor Gitte Handberg
Temporal and Spatial Manifestations of Exercise-Induced Hypoalgesia and Conditioned Pain Modulation

Physical Therapist, MSc Pain ManagementCo-supervisor Gitte HandbergTemporal and Spatial Manifestations of Exercise-Induced Hypoalgesia and Conditioned Pain Modulation

Britt Lange, MD
Supervisor: Professor, Palle Toft
Neck Pain among Danish Fighter Pilots - Noise in Cockpit: Influence on Performance

Troels Halfeld Nielsen, MD 
Supervisor: Palle Toft
Simultaneous monitoring of brain tissue oxygen and regional metabolism in severe traumatic brain injury. Focus on the effect of normobaric hyperoxia. 



Last Updated 20.10.2023