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The program is a two-year, 120 ECTS full-time study program. There are 7 core courses, several electives, and a thesis. 

Core courses run in the first two semesters and are offered jointly by the Department of Political Science and the Department of Law.

Courses in the first semester introduce students to the key concepts of the program. Courses of the second and third semester provide students with practical and analytical skills, using the theoretical knowledge gained in the introductory courses to assess specific conflicts and world developments more broadly. 

Overall, this program has two trademarks. The first trademark is bringing together big ideas with concrete cases. In addition to classroom work on case studies, we offer two simulation games every year, one mandatory and one elective, to put the knowledge you gained in class to the test. 

The second trademark is the integrated focus on politics, law, and ethics. While different courses balance the three areas differently, core topics in mandatory courses are always examined from these three perspectives: connecting them to their wider political, legal, and ethical context. 

Finally, there are good opportunities for going abroad, either in the third semester where the student can partake in Erasmus exchanges or replace elective courses with a traineeship, or in the fourth semester where the thesis can be written abroad and under long distance supervision by one of the MOISL teachers.

You can read more about the programme in the curriculum.

You can read more about the courses in the course descriptions.