The structure of the programme

The programme is a two-year full-time study programme amounting to a total of 120 ECTS. There are 7 core courses, several electives, including a summer course, and a thesis. All core courses and some electives give 10 ECTS credits each. Other electives give 5 ECTS credits. The thesis gives 30 ECTS credits.

Core courses are offered jointly by the Department of Political Science and the Department of Law and they constitute the first two semesters of MOISL.

All courses of the second and third semester will provide students with practical and analytical skills, combining background knowledge of the big debates in terms of theory and world developments with the ability to apply this knowledge to the assessment of specific conflicts. It is a trademark of the programme to have students connect big ideas and concrete cases. In fact, the programme builds on interactive activities including two big simulation games.

Another trademark is the integrated focus on politics, law, and ethics. Some courses focus mainly on one dimension, especially the first semester courses, but second and third semester courses connect their core topic (politics, law, or ethics) to the wider political, legal and ethical context.

There are good opportunities for studying abroad, either in the third semester where the student can follow courses at another university of his/her choice or replace one elective course with a traineeship, or in the fourth semester where the thesis can be written abroad and under long distance supervision by one of the MOISL teachers.

You can read more about the programme in the curriculum.

You can read more about the courses in the course descriptions.

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