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The teaching form is a mix of traditional lectures and seminars taught by a diverse group of international and Danish researchers in both international politics and international law, simulation games, off-site visits, and internships. There are a number of different assessment types to prepare you for your professional career, including written essays, project reports, policy briefs, and oral examinations. 

As a student in the program, you will have the opportunity to supplement your coursework with lectures and events run through the Center for War Studies. This will allow you the opportunity to not only keep up to date with the most recent research and policy concerns, but provide personal access to a wide range of professionals from both the academic and policy worlds.

Students are formally represented in the program through the student organization, SISLO, which organizes social events for MOISL students, and through student representatives to the MOISL education program, who give general advice to the MOISL program directors.

We are also proud of the internationalization at our campuses. Each year we are admitting a large portion of international students, and we are focused on attracting educators and researchers from all over the world. This creates an exciting environment and promotes diversity, and we hope you will enjoy the many possibilities you find at our campuses and contribute to the culture at SDU.