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More about the programme

The degree programme is deliberately geared towards international business, the public sector and organizations.

In the Master's programme, you have the opportunity to further develop both in breadth and depth the knowledge of the theory and methods of the subjects on your BA programme within the disciplines of business economics, management, marketing and intercultural communication. You will also be trained in how to work independently and scientifically.

When enrolling you must choose one of 5 PROFILES:

International Relations
Human Resource Management
International Market Relations
International Communication Management
Global Marketing Management

Read about the profiles in the curriculum (the link opens on mySDU which is the website for current students at SDU).

When enrolling you must also choose a language specialization (English or German). The language you choose MUST have been studied as part of your BA programme.

Each profile contains 4 course areas:

  • PROFILE Courses (specialization)
  • ELECTIVES (that can be chosen among the profile courses of the other profiles than the one you have chosen)
  • COMMON courses (currently Globalization Processes, Negotiation Theory and Project Presentation)

All 4 course areas consist of both Humanities and Social Science subjects.

The electives give you an opportunity to design your own profile in more detail. You may choose to go into depth with themes within your chosen profile or you may prefer to broaden your perspective.
Many students opt for an internship and get credits for a report based on a theme with relevance to the internship. You can obtain a total of 20 ECTS points on the basis of internship reports.

You can take courses at a foreign university and apply for credit transfer. We advise you always to ask for pre-approval of courses you plan to take abroad and to talk with our student advisor first.

In the fourth semester - when you have completed all other courses - you must write your thesis. This is a 60-100 page paper which you write under the supervision of a lecturer.
You choose the subject yourself and, thus, you have another opportunity to fine-tune your profile. The thesis may be written in cooperation with a company or organization, thus bringing you into contact with a potential employer.

Graduates who have completed this master’s programme are entitled to use the title MA (Master of Arts) in Business, Language and Culture.