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Programme structure

The course of study consists of three main fields, an electives period and a master’s thesis. The three main fields consist of the nursing sciences, the social sciences and research methodology lines. Each of the three lines contains several modules.

The courses in the three lines progress in accordance with the principles that are internally matched, so that the method skills learned can be used and developed during the nursing sciences modules.

The intentions of the three main fields are to ensure coherence and progression, not only in the programme’s individual modules, but also in the skills within each of the three lines throughout the entire degree programme.

The Social Sciences Line includes Health Economics and Project Management. The Social Sciences Line will provide the student with knowledge, skills and competencies to be able to understand and act within health care environment. The total volume is 10 ECTS credits.

The Research Methodology Line includes Research Methodology, Scientific Method and Information Literacy. The Research Methodology Line will ensure that students receive basic academic skills, including learning to establish hypotheses and research questions, research answers for these, create their own analyses, interpret their own and others’ results, critically and analytically assess scientific literature and understand how new knowledge is created. The total volume of the Research Methodology Line is 30 ECTS credits (with 15 ECTS credits in Epidemiology and Biostatistics) and 15 ECTS credits in humanistic approaches within the health sciences.

The Nursing Sciences Line will ensure that, on an academic level, students further develop their nursing sciences competencies which they have acquired through their basic training and clinical practice. The Professional Sciences Line will also ensure that the knowledge, skills and competences learned in the Social Sciences and the Research Methodology lines are integrated into clinical nursing. The total volume of the Professional Sciences Line is 35 ECTS credits.

The programme is organised in such a way that active researchers are responsible for organising the content and presentation of the modules. The presentation of the curriculum is done, to the greatest extent possible, by researchers from the active research environments at the Faculty of Health Sciences.