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Structure of the programme

The Clinician Line

On the Clinician Line you’ll learn about medical and radiological diagnostics and clinical pharmacology. The tuition is based on lectures and group work based on cases from real life. Here you’ll diagnose, create treatment plans and handle patients with disorders of many different types. In addition, you’ll learn about the medical (pharmacological) treatment principles, with special focus on pain, rheumatic diseases and osteoporosis.

The Vocational Line

The Vocational Line is a continuation of the Bachelor's degree programme. Skills training is continued with emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of extremities, as well as coaching training. In Radiography you’ll learn about radiographic imaging (e.g. x-rays), radiation protection and investigative techniques. During the clinic internships you’ll diagnose real patients under supervision, and you are responsible for the treatment plan.

The Academic Line

The Academic Line consists of a Master's thesis. You’ll first attend a training course where you’ll learn how to design your investigation and manage data in a scientific way. After that you’ll do an independent scientific project, where you’ll learn how to become a critical user of information regarding musculoskeletal disorders.

Guidelines for ’chiropractic educational content’ 

The education in Clinical Biomechanics follows the guidelines on clinical and professional chiropractic educational content agreed by the ‘The European-South African Education Collaboration’. The content of the guidelines is stipulated in the document "Education position statement".

Last Updated 05.12.2019