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Masters of Science graduates in Economics and Business Administration work within practically all administrative areas in organizations as for example marketing and sales management, human resource management, project management, or innovation management. MScs from the University of Southern Denmark are in general able to find relevant, attractive, and well-paid jobs after they graduate.

There is of course a relationship between the job that graduates get and the courses which they have taken on the profile they have studied. Many of the MScs are employed in specialist functions while others, especially as they gain experience, are take on jobs that include not only management but also leadership.


Examples of job titles within the specific field of Marketing, Social Media, and Digitalization are:

Social media specialist and/or coordinator
Brand community manager
Digital strategist
Brand manager
Market researcher

Examples of job profiles in general are:

Marketing coordinator
Project manager 
Personal assistant for CEO
Management consultant
Area sales manager
Entrepreneur/business developer
Product developer
University researcher/Professor