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Programme structure

  • This Programme is offered in Odense
  • This programme is offered in Danish only

The Bachelor of Engineering programme in Chemical Engineering takes 3.5 years.

Every semester has a main theme around which the semester’s project work revolves. In addition to the project work there are lessons in theory as well as practical exercises.

Theory and practical projects

The study programme is a combination of theoretical courses and practical project work. The projects are often based on problems experienced in real world companies.

During your studies you will learn about, for example:

  • Chemical engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Physical chemistry and materials
  • Environment and management
  • Mathematical and physical models


In the final semesters you get the opportunity to specialise in, for example:

  • The environment including themes such as environmental management and risk assessment
  • Chemical process technique in design of chemical plants
  • Biotechnology and food technology
  • Management technique including subjects such as management and production management, quality control and quality management.

Two-year master

When studying for the bachelor of engineering degree in Chemical Engineering you have the option of changing study path to BSc in Engineering (Chemistry), but it is also possible as graduate bachelor of engineering in chemical engineering to study for the two-year MSc in Engineering (Chemistry).