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Social life in Denmark

It goes without saying that getting involved with sports, clubs, or other associations and social activities is a great way to get socially involved with both Danes and other international students. The offer of social activities is numerous, and includes activities linked to SDU as well as the local student environments.

Social activities

The Danes love sports! Getting involved with a sports club is a great way to expand your social network. At SDU, we have numerous sports activities you can become a part of. For more information, check out SDU Sports. 

Denmark is also known for its many music festivals. During the summer there is a comprehensive and international programme of rock, pop, folk, and jazz music to choose from. For many students, it is very popular to be volunteers at festivals and hereby getting to go for free and at the same time work together with other music enthusiastic people. Some of the most famous festivals are Tinderbox in Odense, Roskilde Festival, Tønder Festival, Copenhagen Jazz Festival and SMUKfest in Skanderborg.

Check out some of the social activities offered in each of the five campus cities below.

Become part of the volunteer team at the student café, Lounge 81. The café is a great place to become socially involved with fellow students from SDU Esbjerg. For more information, visit Campus Esbjerg’s website.

Esbjerg is a great campus city and the organisation Studiebyen Esbjerg offers a community for all the different educational institutions in Esbjerg. Here you can find job offers for students, find social activities to take part in, opportunities to volunteer and much more.

The organisation also organises a lot of different events for students, such as concerts, sports events, and the semester start parties. For more information, visit Studiebyen Esbjerg's website.

Visit campus Esbjergs website.

Join the Kolding Student Council (Studerendes Råd i Kolding), in everyday speech referred to as SRK. The SRK plays a crucial role in the social life at campus Kolding and arranges numerous events. For more information visit campus Koldings website.

Another great way of socialising in Kolding is by joining the local student café, Café Ubåden. For more information about the café and how to become a volunteer, please visit their Danish website.

Visit campus Koldings website.

In Odense, the Erasmus Student Network, in everyday speech referred to as ESN, arrange various social activities for international students. ESN is a network established by students voluntarily and joining the club is an easy way to meet international as well as Danish students.

ESN arranges an introduction to the campus as well as Odense at the beginning of the semester. Furthermore, ESN arranges excursions, international cafés, parties, and much more. Visit ESN Odense’s website for more information.

The Studenterhus, located in the city centre of Odense, is another great place to hang out and meet fellow students. It is run by student volunteers and serves as a café and a great place to study as well as arranges different cultural events. Visit Studenterhus Odense’s Danish website for more information.

Visit campus Odenses website.

The campus in Sønderborg has an international vibe due to its many English taught programmes and collaboration with Europa-Universität Flensburg.

On-campus, you will find a student café which is a great place to meet Danish as well as international students.

Furthermore, in the city centre of Sønderborg, there is a youth culture centre known as (ungdomskulturhuset) Mejeriet, with lots of cultural events and a student environment worth joining. For more information please visit their Danish website.

Visit campus Sønderborgs website.


Cultural life

Although Denmark is a small country, it is rich in cultural experiences and must-see places. All our campuses are located close to some of the most amazing cultural sight in Denmark. Below are some of the sights we recommend you visit if you are in or around our campus cities.

  • The museum Trapholt, located in Kolding, is worth a visit if you like modern art and design.
  • In the heart of Kolding, you find the castle Koldinghus.
  • The UNESCO-awarded city Christiansfeld is worth a visit due to the atmosphere and unique cultural tradition that still exist in the city.
  • The music venue Godset - offering up to 120 concerts throughout the year in all genres.
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  • A visit to The Funen Village – Open Air Museum takes you back to the 18th and 19th centuries and gives you a feeling of how life was in the countryside of Denmark around the 1850s.
  • Art Museum Brandts, located in the city center of Odense.
  • Odense Harbour - with facilities like Odense Harbour Bath, the Football Factory, Odense The Glassworks at Odense Harbour and the museum and gourmet restaurant North Atlantic House. 
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  • Trelleborg Viking Fortress - The fortress near Slagelse is a part of the military power system of the Viking Age. Trelleborg, one of the great ring fortresses of the Viking Age, was constructed around the year 980 by King Harald Bluetooth. The remains of the great royal fortress can still clearly be seen in the beautiful natural landscape of Tude ådal.
  • Antvorskov Monastery and Castle ruins - The ruins of Antvorskov Monastery and Castle today form only a small part of a very large facility, but they largely reflect the site's building history. Building parts are seen from the earliest monastery buildings, built in the last half of the 12th century to the most recent from the castle period. In 1560 it was secularized and rebuilt into a royal castle for Frederik II in 1580-1584.
  • Slagelse Park is a large park close to the town centre. Throughout the summer several concerts will be organized there. The park offers rich wildlife, the Labyrinth of beech hedges for children and the "Field of Possibilities" of granite splinters to sit/climb on and with a fire/barbecue area in the middle, surrounded by beautiful hortensia.
  • Herreborgen Borreby - In Skælsør lies a beautiful renaissance castle which was built in 1556, with three towers against the north and one against the south. The castle was built as a defence castle with scald holes, loop holes, and surrounded by moats.
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  • The Frøslev Camp is one of Europe’s most well-preserved internment camps used during the German occupation of Denmark under World War II.
  • In the area in and around Sønderborg, you will find a lot of Royal Castles. Take a visit to Gråsten Palace's royal kitchen gardens or experience the exhibitions at Sønderborg Castle.
  • The battlefield from 1864 at Dybbøl Mill. The Mill is one of Denmark's most important national symbols. 
  • Visit Universe Science Park and experience lots of strange and fun new exhibits, providing plenty of “wow” moments for both children and adults.
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