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Employment after graduation

We are committed to helping you find a job after your studies. To kick start your career, you can apply for spot in the Career in Denmark program.

We also have full-time staff at SDU RIO who can help you make the right career choices. You are welcome to contact SDU RIO  at

You can read more about the transition from student to entering the labor market at these pages: 

One-stop guide for international students in Denmark

Study in Denmark


Why work in Denmark?

There are numerous reasons to work in Denmark. Foreign national workers in Denmark routinely cite many of the benefits:

  • Denmark ranks top in the world work-life balance surveys.
  • A welfare state: Taxes pay for child care, education, access to doctors and hospitals, elderly care etc.
  • High quality of life: Foreign national workers express a high level of satisfaction with leisure and cultural opportunities in Denmark.
  • Danish business culture: A horizontal structure and open dialogue between management and employees is characteristic in the workplace. Most workplaces regularly offer continuing education to their employees.


Work after graduation

Denmark offers a wide variety of possibilities for working after graduation. Whether you are strictly focused on advancing your career or want to find the right balance between work and life, the Danish jobmarket will have opportunities for you.

For all you need to know about a career in Denmark, visit

If you are not from the Nordic countries you will need a Residence and Work Permit.

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