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Sønderborg – Truly International

Sønderborg is located on the island of Als in the southeast corner of Jutland, 30 km from the German border. It is in an ideal position between Hamburg and major centres in Denmark. The municipality has a population of approximately 70,000 and is keen to facilitate student life. 

The large number of students living in Sønderborg lends the town a lively social life. Als and the area surrounding Sønderborg are home to around 300 industrial SMEs, many of which special¬ize in electronic, mechatronic and communication equipment. Denmark’s largest industrial company, Danfoss Corporation, has its headquarters north of Sønderborg. 

Sønderborg city 
Sønderborg has numerous cosy cafés with live music and a vibrant nightlife. The city’s shops range from department stores to small, fascinating specialty shops. City life is diverse and cultural with a symphony orchestra, a theatre, cinema, music festivals and arts centre devoted to art and culture. 

Plenty of activities 
No matter what leisure activities you prefer, you are almost guaranteed to find a sport or activity club to suit your needs: from parachuting to soccer, athletics, fitness, fishing, rowing, sailing, surfing, riding, handball, hunting, golf and tennis. You just have to pick whatever is to your liking. Nearby, you will find Universe, a science and experience park full of exciting technol¬ogy and fun-filled activities. 

Here, you are surrounded by woodland, inlets, coves and beaches – and evidence of Danish history is found everywhere. Not many places in Denmark are as rich in history as this geographical area. Sønderborg Castle, Dybbøl Mill and the Battlefield History Centre are examples of some of the many centres of interest in the area. 

Major student event 
Oxbridge on Alssund is a competition between students from the Sønderborg region, Kiel and University of Flensburg, Germany. This spectacular sailing event takes place in 28-foot match race boats on Alssund in front of the university.

Last Updated 11.10.2019