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What does the programme lead to?

You will typically be able to work with the development of intelligent products for a global market, where cultural empathy and insight into local conditions are crucial for success.

Software is included in many of the things we use every day, such as the computer, the TV, the smartphone, the internet, the car, the train and the stove. Therefore, as a civil engineer in Software Engineering, you have the opportunity to get a job in many different industries - in Denmark and abroad.

As a civil engineer in Software Engineering, you can, for example, get work as a:

  • Software developer
  • Mobile app developer
  • System developer
  • System consultant
  • IT- and system architect
  • Software quality engineer
  • Product manager
  • Project manager
  • IT-strategy manager
  • Project leader
  • Teacher: in high schools and higher education with the choice of subject didactics
  • Researcher

The following has been said by businesses:

To deliver on our customer promises, we need strong software engineering talents

"Danfoss is rapidly becoming a software company as we are extending our focus to multiple digital products and service. Our digital horizon is continuously expanding, and we strive to provide our customers with next-generation solutions whether it be simulation technology, industrial IoT networks, analytics and AI, or mixed reality solutions while maintaining and improving our core products. To deliver on our customer promises, we need strong software engineering talents who can participate in cross-functional teams and own the full development process from specification and design to testing and release. The SDU Software Engineering and Software Technology programmes precisely creates these kinds of talents, and as we move further into the digital future, we need software engineers now more than ever!

The ability to create innovative software solutions is essential in an international market

"At TV 2 we work with cutting edge technologies to create a stable and scalable streaming service which bring Danes together. The solutions we develop must often be weighed and tested again and again as we create products for millions of Danes who expect the same high scalability and performance they know from international products. The demands for streaming today are sky high and to live up to these expectations from the users it often requires that we think outside the box and create innovative solutions.

There are many ways to solve complex problems using software. Solutions must be thought through and risks must be evaluated. I was introduced to tools and methods to solve these problems as a civil engineer in Software Engineering and I use them in my daily work at TV 2. Be it architecture, design principles, testing, choice of language, etc.

Civil Engineers in Software Engineering have exactly the right qualifications to be a part of TV 2’s development teams. You participate in everything from design of features, development of services, writing and maintaining tests, as well as operating services in production. At the same time, we always review performance and stability, so that we can constantly optimize and find new ways to solve problems."

- Jesper Minor Melholt, Staff Engineer (Video Platform) at TV2

Learning outcomes

What is it that will make you particularly attractive on the job market if you take a degree in Software Engineering? To an employer, you ARE your competencies. Therefore, below we list an overview of the competencies you get from the programme: general and specific for Software Engineering.