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Programme structure

This is a three-year bachelor programme on top of which you can study a two-year master programme. The programme is taught in English.

Each semester is based on a main theme which will be the focal point for the semester's theory and project work. From the very beginning of the study period you will be part of a project group working with projects which often use problems faced by companies as a starting point.

Before you start the study programme you have the opportunity to undertake a get-started course in maths which takes place in August.

First semester 
In the first semester you will gain insight into what mechatronics is and what it takes to develop mechatronic products. You will work with subjects such as mechatronic design, materials and processes, embedded systems and maths and physics. With your project group you will design a small mechatronic product taking you through the entire development process.

Second semester 
This is where you will gain an understanding of the system in general as well as knowledge about system components and their interactions. You will learn to design electronic and mechanic elements and produce and incorporate them into mechatronic produts. As part of the semester project you will work with theory in practice when you develop a mechatronic product that can move.

Third semester
In this semester you will build on the knowledge you have gained about mechatronics and the development of mechatronic products. You will learn about subjects such as analogue electronics, actuators and sensors as well as dynamic systems.
The semester project will focus on the development of a complete mechatronic system involving the use of actuators and sensors, design of electronics and specification and production of mechatronics.
You will also choose which of the profiles you will specialise in.

Fourth semester
In the fourth semester you will immerse yourself in your chosen subject profile. You can choose a profile in mechanics, electronics, embedded systems, or you can choose a multidisciplinary profile where you choose between subjects from the other profiles. As well as two profile subjects/electives you will have a semester project focusing on the chosen profile and obligatory subjects Control Engineering and Computer Aided Engineering.

Fifth semester
This semester is about innovation, multidisciplinary skills and entrepreneurship (Experts in Teams). You and your project group will organise yourselves into a virtual company where you will go through all development phases from idea to creation of a fully functioning prototype - taking into consideration economy, external suppliers, etc.
As well as this you will continue with your chosen profile.
You can also choose to study abroad for a semester.

Sixth semester
Here you will write your bachelor project in which you bring together all your knowledge and skills from the preceding semesters.
Example of bachelor projects:

  • HMI-concept for an Infotainment System in a car 
  • Interactive interface for children 
  • Motivating children to save energy 

You can read descriptions of the individual subjects by clicking on them in the study course diagram below. On mobile phones, the diagram is best viewed in landscape mode.