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Learn about markets, how organizations can navigate, and how people build identities

This unique education is for those, who aim to educate themselves as globally conscious, culturally sensitive, and socially responsible managers in private and public organizations.

It is taught entirely in English, and a semester abroad is compulsory on Market and Management Anthropology (MMA). MMA is part of University of Southern Denmark Business School.

MMA basically consists of courses in anthropological theory and fieldwork methods, courses that introduce marketing and management as social processes, and courses that provide managerial skills. The aim is to “put anthropology to work” in terms of applying anthropological skills in marketing and management contexts in all parts of the world. See examples of bachelor projects.

MMA teaches you how markets emerge and function, how organizations can navigate the global and local market conditions, and how people use goods and services to build identities in consumer culture.

Understanding cross-cultural encounters, globalization processes, and the ability to conduct fieldwork to generate market insights are among the most central skills that you will get from studying at the MMA programme.

Why you should study MMA

  • You will get an education that is unique in the world, combining anthropological and managerial skills. And you will get an opportunity to use these skills in a compulsory fieldwork abroad in a country of your choice.
  • You will be linked to one of the world’s leading research units in consumer culture.
  • You will be part of a vibrant study environment that emphasizes both theoretical depth and practical fieldwork and analytical skills.
  • You will get competences that are widely in demand in both the private and public sector.
  • You have wide array of possibilities to pursue a master’s degree including anthropology, political science degrees, development studies, and business studies.