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Quota 1 and 2

The national application system  KOT features 2 different groups of applicants:

  1. Quota 1: Applicants with a Danish qualifying examination
  2. Quota 2: Applicants with a foreign qualifying examination and citizenship from an EU/EEA country

Applicants with a foreign qualifying examination, including the International Baccalauréat, must apply in quota 2, via

The admission process varies, depending on which quota your application belongs to and of course which programme you have applied to. Read more about the two quotas:


You have to apply via quota 1 if you...

  • Have obtained a Danish qualifying examination

How your application gets assessed

  • Your application is solely assessed based on of  the GPA of your first achieved qualifying examination
  • If the number of applicants outnumbers the programme spots, the applicants with the highest GPA will be accepted
  • You have to fulfil all entry requirements of the programme you are applying for

You have to apply via quota 2 if you…

or if you...

  • have a Danish qualifying examination and want to get assessed on other qualifications than your grade point average
  • want to apply for exemption/special permission if you do not have a qualifying examination, but you fulfil other comparable requirements for the programme you want to apply for - Check special permission
  • are a graduate already or if you have been enrolled in further or higher education programmes twice or more without completing them
  • have an admission course for Engineering programmes and applying for an Engineering course
  • have a Danish qualifying examination and want to apply for a programme that requires attendance at the aptitude test as a part of the entry requirements

How your application gets assessed

You will be evaluated in several ways: based on your qualifying examination, the result of the aptitude test - a multiple-choice test, which is general for the whole university and one or more subject-specific tests.

We will automatically assess your application in quota 1 if you have applied via quota 2 and your qualifying examination fulfils the requirements of the given GPA - this applies to both Danish and non-Danish examinations

As a part of the entry requirements in quota 2, most programmes at SDU require that you attend the aptitude test (uniTEST) - a multiple-choice test that is general for the whole university.

Tuition fees

All applicants with citizenship from a non-EU/EEA country have to pay tuition fees, unless you have obtained a residence permit in Denmark where payment is not necessary.

Entry requirements

Get an overview of the entry requirements for your Bachelor Programme.

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