Quota 1, 2 and 3

Regardless of your grade point average being high or low, we believe that you are much more than a number. Therefore, we are encouraging you to apply through quota 2.

Quota 2 is for you who want to be assessed in relation to other qualifications than your grade point average. In quota 2, you will participate in a course of admission, in which we will be testing your study competencies. Furthermore, in most study programmes, you will be participating in subject specific tests, in which your knowledge, your personal skills and your motivation for your choice of study will be brought into play. Of course, a grade point average will still give you access. If you apply through quota 1, you will be assessed on the basis of your grade point average on your first qualifying examination.

If you apply through quota 2, and you comply with the requirements, you will also be assessed through quota 1. You can read much more about this below.

With a non-Danish qualifying examination, you have to apply via before 15 March, noon.

Quota 1 - Danish qualifying examinations

Who can apply via quota 1

  • Applicants with a Danish qualifying examination
  • Applicants with a non-Danish qualifying examination have to apply via quota 2 or 3 - check the sections below to find out which quota you belong to 

How your application gets assessed

  • Your application is solely assessed on the basis of  the GPA of your first achieved qualifying examination
  • If the number of applicants outnumbers the programme spots, the applicants with the highest GPA will be accepted
  • You have to fulfill all entry requirements of the programme you are applying for
  • We will automatically assess your application in quota 1 if you have applied via quota 2 and your qualifying examination fulfills the requirements to get assessed in quota 1 as well - this applies to both Danish and non-Danish examinations
Quota 2 - foreign examinations/exemptions

When to apply for admission in quota 2

  • Apply from 1 February on
  • Deadline is 15 March, noon

OBS, if you have the right qualifying examination for quota 1, your application will be assessed in both quota 1 and 2. Thus, you have two chances to get accepted. If you fulfill the requirement of the grade point average, you will be admitted via quota 1, even if you have applied in quota 2.

You have to apply via quota 2, if you…

  • have a foreign examination (non-Danish qualifying examination)
  • want to get assessed on other qualifications than your grade point average
  • want to apply for a programme where the grade point average was quite high during the last years admissions and if you are not sure if your own grade point average is high enough to get accepted in quota 1
  • want to apply for exemption/special permission if you do not have a qualifying examination, but you fulfill other comparable requirements for the programme you want to apply for. Check special permission
  • are a graduate already or if you have been enrolled in further or higher education programmes twice or more without completing them
  • have an admission course for Engineering programmes and applying for an Engineering course
  • want to apply for a programme which requires an entrance test as a part of the entry requirements

Test in quota 2

Are you applying via quota 2, you will be assessed in several ways. You will be evaluated both on the basis of your qualifying examination and of an interview/specific test or motivated application.

The aptitude test (uniTEST)

Most programmes at SDU will test your general aptitude via the uniTEST.

The aptitude test - a multiple choice test, which is general for the whole university - has to be taken by most applicants applying via quota 2.

Depending on the programme, you have to take a specific test or an interview as well.

A number of applicants must take the specific test on the very same day as the aptitude test, others have to wait one month time.

Specific tests for each programme

You will be assessed via specific programme related criterias.

It is important that you get familiar with the details of the entrance examination of the programme you are applying for.

The section called "entry requirements" - which can be found under each programme - contains more information about the "entrance examination in quota 2".

The different programmes can require that you:

  • attend an interview
  • attend a specific test
  • write a motivated application
  • have a certain grade point average of the courses mentioned under the specific entry requirements
Quota 3 - non-EU applicants

You will be assessed in quota 3 if you:

  • are a citizen of a country outside EU/EEA/Switzerland
  • are resident in Denmark without a permanent residence permit/visa

The admission process in quota 3 is exactly the same as in quota 2. All applicants have to take the entrance examination/specific test/interview if the programme they have applied for requires it.

All applicants coming from a non EU/EEA country have to pay tuition fees.

Entry requirements

Get an overview of the entry requirements for your Bachelor Programme.

Go to the list

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