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Specific entry requirements

Next to the qualifying examination, you have to fulfill the specific entry requirements of a programme.

The specific requirements are courses taken at the Upper Secondary High School at a certain level. You can fulfill these requirements either with the courses on the Diploma of your qualifying examination or with completion. The specific entry requirements vary from programme to programme.

Check out the specific entry requirements for each programme.

The course must be passed

The courses must be passed with at least the Danish grade 02 to meet the specific requirements. Foreign grades will be converted into the Danish grading scale.

Is the course taken on the highest level but unfortunately not passed, SDU will accept documentation of the place of study about having passed the same course at the previous level.

You do not fulfill one or more specific requirements?

You can take completion in the courses and levels which you are not able to fulfill via the qualifying examination. Check the section about supplementary courses below for more information.