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Programme structure

  • This Programme is offered in Odense
  • This programme is offered in Danish only

The first six semesters 
The first six semesters you will study together with chemistry students from the Bachelor of Engineering programme and from the Bachelor of Science programme. Immediately after study start you will become part of a project group and about one third of each semester will be spent on a semester project. 

The semesters are divided into themes and each semester has a specific theme. The themes for the first five semesters are: 

  • Chemical Production and the Environment 
  • Energy and Materials 
  • Biotechnology and Food Technology 
  • Methods of Analysis and Chemometrics 
  • Product Design and Processing Plant Engineering 

Engineering core subjects 
A master degree in engineering is research based and will qualify for participation in research based development work. Thus, in the fifth and the sixth semesters you will attend advanced courses in chemical processing plant design, inorganic and physical chemistry, analytical chemistry and biochemistry. 

The master programme (seventh-tenth semesters) 
The master programme in engineering is a two year programme. In addition to completing the core subjects you must choose an academic profile in which to write your master thesis. An academic profile is a specialisation in a certain subject area connected to one or more research groups. Read more about the academic profiles you can choose at the master programme. 

A master degree for bachelor of engineering students
As a bachelor of engineering student it is possible to change study programme at any time in favour of a bachelor of science in engineering programme, which is a six semester programme rather than a seven semester programme. It is also possible to enter the two year master programme with a bachelor of engineering degree.