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Programme structure

  • This Programme is offered in Odense
  • This programme is offered in Danish

The bachelor programme in Energy Technology is a three-year programme (6 semesters) on top of which you can study a master programme.

The structure of the programme is such that single courses are taught together with other courses in an application oriented context. From the very start of your studies, you become part of a project group and about one third of each semester is spent on a semester project. 

First, second and third semester 
During the first three semesters, you will get a general introduction to physics (mechanics and electromagnetism), mathematics, electrotechnology, micro processors, data acquisition and nanotechnology. 

The bachelor programme is a three year study programme on top of which you can study a two year master programme. 

Fourth and fifth semester 
The following two semesters you will attend an elective course, courses and projects in the fields of optics and acoustics, as well as a number of courses in mathematics, materials physics, thermo dynamics and quantum physics. At the fifth semester, you will be part of a project group with students from different study programmes. The project will emphasise innovation and entrepreneurship in an academic context. 

Sixth semester 
In the sixth semester you will carry out a bachelor project, on a subject of your own choice, often in cooperation with a high-technology company or research group. In addition you will have an elective course as well as courses in signal processing and theory of science. 

Master programme 
The master programme is a two year research based programme which will qualify you to participate in research based development work. 
In addition to advanced courses, you will choose an academic profile in which you will write your master thesis. An academic profile is a specialisation in a subject area connected to one or more research groups.