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Help create health and well-being for people

In the Bachelor’s degree programme in Public Health Science, you will encounter a wide range of topics, such as community medicine, health planning, biomedicine, human biology, politics, environment, demography and health. In the study programme, you will learn about the Danes’ health and their relationship to both smoking, alcohol, diet and exercise.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health Science, you will get the qualifications to investigate the future health of the Danes and help to improve public health. You can help create health promotion at local, national and international level, and you will be qualified to work with e.g. health planning, health administration, analysis, development, counselling, teaching and research in relation to disease prevention and health promotion.

You will get exciting job opportunities within e.g. health-related, operational, managerial and planning areas in both public and private organisations or in preventive and disease-fighting functions in national and international organisations and patient organisations. Research and teaching at universities and institutions of higher education and teaching in social and health education programmes are also some of the opportunities you will have with an education in Public Health Science.

The Bachelor’s degree gives you access to continue your studies in e.g. the Master’s degree programme in Public Health Science, Sports and Health or Health Sciences.

Why study Public Health Science?

  • Public Health Science is wide-ranging as it is a study programme that connects health science, social science and human science – in a Danish, Nordic and international perspective.
  • During the programme, you will have the opportunity to get an internship in a private or public organisation as an internship is an integral part of the programme. You can also choose to study abroad.
  • You will have the opportunity to choose different exciting career paths.