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There are significant social inequalities in health in Denmark. Mental health is declining, and a large part of the population are suffering from one or more diseases. What are the causes of these inequalities? What can explain the increased distress among young people? How will the increased number of people with multiple diseases affect the healthcare system? This is a development that requires adjustments to healthcare as we know it today.

Public Health Science is an interdisciplinary education that combines social and health sciences, focusing on how to implement new solutions and interventions, such as technological ones, that can contribute to the changes necessary for better public health. The education is broad but with a focus on how to implement and evaluate interventions that will promote health for all.

With a master’s degree in Public Health Science, you will be qualified to work in areas such as health planning, implementation of interventions at multiple levels, advising health actors, teaching, and research related to disease prevention and health promotion.

At the University of Southern Denmark, three specializations in public health science are offered:

That is why you should study...

  • Public health science consists of business and social sciences, health sciences and epidemiology.
  • You can choose between three specialisations: Global Health and Equality, Health Economics and Policy, and Implementation and Evaluation.
  • Gain a deep insight into public health and help make a positive difference to the entire healthcare system.