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Finding  the best match in relation to your career path and major project idea

Navigating the funding landscape is a daunting task, one that a professional funding advisor here at TEK can guide you through, finding the best match in relation to your career path and major project idea. Recruiting funding for your best ideas and opening a dialogue with foundations/sponsors to develop processes, systems and methods for the application.

TEK Innovation Funding team supports the faculty's academic environments in connection with external funding of research and cooperation projects. Supporting our researchers in all aspects of fundraising by incorporating a personalized external career finding pathway in the National and Internal funding channels both private and public. Providing researchers with the insight and knowledge to write highly competitive research grant proposals.

Our Project Funding Team offer advice and guidance with:

  • Support researchers with writing and quality assurance of applications
  • Keep up to date on all relevant national and international funds, networks, etc. with a view to advising and disseminating information to faculty researchers
  • Help develop new concepts and tools to support the obtainment of external funds for research and innovation
  • Build and strengthen networks for internal and external collaborators such as foundations, researchers, public councils and boards, etc.

We recommend you contact us during the early stages of the application process 6-3 months before the application deadline. Enabling us to engage in communication with the consortium members and grant providers from the beginning.

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Last Updated 17.05.2023