The Paths to Firm Growth in Drone Eco-System

The aim of the project

The project will improve the competitiveness of businesses in the drone industry by empowering them to overcome barriers to growth and innovation.

 Drones are undergoing rapid development. They can perform a variety of tasks easier, faster and cheaper than is currently possible. Unsurprisingly, the drone industry is characterised by technological fascination and the main focus is on technology development rather than the actual commercialization of the technology.

Despite this development, there is a need to break technological barriers to facilitate the broader use of drones and support an accelerated development path. At the same time, businesses need to navigate a series of growth barriers that have arisen in the wake of drone technology development and to increase the market potential.

The project outcome

The project will assist participating drone companies in growing their businesses: This will be done by identifying barriers to growth and then determining the appropriate measures to overcome these.

The knowledge generated in the project will be made available across the ecosystem and will thus strengthen drone companies´ innovation opportunities.

The outcome for the drone ecosystem is that companies on average will be better equipped to deal with technological and growth barriers in a sustainable way.


Workpackage leader: Mette Præst Knudsen, Professor, Department of Marketing and Management


Marianne Harbo Frederiksen, associate professor, Department of Technology and Innovation - ITI
Martin Hannibal, associate professor, Department of Marketing and Management
Domen Bajde, associate professor, Department of Marketing and Management
Brad Beach, Center Leder, SDU UAS Center
Anders Dahl Krabbe, Post Doc., Department of Marketing and Management

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