Drone technology within nature, environment and climate management

The aim of the project

The project will create a new foundation for drone-based data collection and analysis that will improve the quality of nature, environmental and climate management in the region. The project will also help to make the region's consulting firms more competitive, both nationally and internationally.

In 2015, the applicants initiated and established a regional Nature, Environment and Climate network involving the participation of the Region´s municipalities (19 authorities representing 1.15 million residents), public utilities, ministerial bodies and all the major consulting firms.

This project aims to develop techniques and methods so that the next generation of drones are fitted with equipment to take water samples, multi-spectral filters and micro probes. This will be done in collaboration with a larger, previously established Nature, Environment and Climate network consisting of the Region´s municipalities, public utilities, ministerial bodies and all the major consultancy firms.

The project outcome

Developing drones to collect water samples, and thus improve the quality of the data and analysis capabilities which the network can access. 


Workpackage leader Mogens Flindt, associate professor, Department of Biology.


Sara Egemose, assistant professor , Department of Biology.
Niels Svane, research assistant, Department of Biology.
Niels Vestergaard, Professor, Department of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics

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