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Drone technology could be the solution to a number of major challenges in tomorrow’s society.

In a few years, drones will be sufficiently stable, intelligent and cheap that they will become an essential part of everyday life in the fields of transport, surveillance, mapping, etc.

Drones will revolutionise a number of industries.

Video: Anders Boe, SDU Communications

SDU hopes to make Odense and Hans Christian Andersen Airport a hub for researching, developing, testing and manufacturing drones, which will help to create thousands of jobs for both low-skilled and high-skilled workers.

A leader in drone development

We have already made significant progress. We have Denmark’s most advanced centre for drone research and are making massive investments in the development of drones in partnership with industry and public bodies.

Visit SDU’s drone centre.

Drone projects

Following projects have received funding:  

Contact for answers in academic questions

Contact Brad Beach, leader of UAS SDU, if you want to know more about the projects within drones.

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SDU's three strategic research focus areas

Contact coordinator Lena Lykke Jønch-Clausen for more information on the focus within the areas of drones, welfare innovation and open data.

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