Take part in SDU Company Dating

At SDU Company Dating, your business has the opportunity to meet students who may become future employees. 

During the career event, which is free-of-charge for SDU's business partners, you'll come in contact with over 400 students from different degree programmes and specialities.  

You'll enjoy direct access to a highly qualified workforce. 

In return, we expect you to bring along any vacant job postings, regardless whether you're looking for a student assistant, intern, recent graduate, full-time employee or something else. 

Meet the students face-to-face

There are two busy areas over the course of the day: the Network Zone and the Dating Zone.

The Network Zone is where you'll meet everyone who's interested in chatting and learning more about your business and job opportunities. 

In the Dating Zone, you'll meet a select group of students, who've prepared a sales pitch based on a case that your business has submitted beforehand. Finally, the Dating Sessions are a special offer for Plus and Premium business partners.

Become one of SDU's business partners

As a business partner, you'll be invited to career events such as SDU Company Dating and other relevante events.

Prior to the events, we'll promote your business to the students at SDU.

Contact us

Do you have any questions? 

Contact SDU RIO at or call +45 6550 2022.

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