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SDU's Board

The Board is the highest authority of the university and is responsible for the overall and strategic management of the university.
The Board has the overall responsibility for the university conducting research and providing research-based education to the highest international level within its subject areas. The Board is responsible for the continuous development of the university’s research and education programmes. The Board shall administer the university's funds efficiently and to the greatest benefit to society.

The Chairman of the Board has overall responsibility for the organisation of the work of the Board. The Chairman of the Board is responsible for the strategic dialogue with the Minister for Higher Education and Science on behalf of the university. The Chairman of the Board makes real estate decisions together with a member of the Board.
The Board appoints the Rector and appoints the Pro-Rector and University Director on the recommendation of the Rector.
The Board holds four ordinary meetings per year.

Further information can be obtained from the Rector's Office by contacting Head of Secretariat Anni Søborg by telephone on +45 6550 4636.

Last Updated 01.09.2022